The MusicOf Kevin Trent Boswell

Songs from Flagship

The album Flagship, by Trent Boswell. It’s available on most major music services, like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Or you can get a signed, physical copy at Conjure Work.

Magus Music on YouTube

Angel Seed

Here you’ll find videos of the music and poetry of Kevin Trent Boswell, aka Magus, of Magus & The Plastic Infinity.

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Dear Mr. Fantasy

There are LOTS more videos on the YouTube channel, I’m only posting a few highlights on this page.

You can do me a huge favor by sharing the videos on your own social media pages. That’s the main way music is spread by independent artists these days.

Poetry Videos

Recently, I did a really cool project on my Patreon page, called The Open Mic Series. I got a bunch of my friends to read pieces from my poetry books and record them.

For example, here’s my friend Dawn Leith-Dougherty, reading Precious Sister, from my book Chaos Comes Apart.


I also teach guitar lessons. Those are online only, via web conferencing such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meet (in GMail), Facebook Messenger Video, etc. The cost is $20/hr.